MedinaDates to global products and offer 220 countries

The success of the Medina Dates Store continues to sell the best types of dates produced by the farms of Medina. The Medina dates products have reached more than 2 billion people around the world in the past period, due to the success of the store’s ideas and plans first, secondly, the Medina Dates Store contracted with the best and most famous payment companies and Shipping around the world, which led to easy access to Medina dates products to 220 countries around the world, making Medina Dates one of the largest dates stores, and it also became a leader in wholesale trade.


The success of the Medina Dates Store recently lies in the policies that were carried out to develop and raise the value of the store, which is to choose the best types of dates factories and exhibitions at all to market their products, to be the most famous and trusted store for buying dates online, and the result of this was the increase in daily Medina dates sales and Achieving the store's goals in delivering products to most countries of the world.

The benefits of dates are many, so the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) recommended eating dates, so the Medina dates shop has become available to any Muslim in the world who wants to get Madinah dates to get them in his country from the best company specialized in selling and marketing Medina dates.


Medina Dates offers its customers around the world daily solutions that help them to reach their products with the least effort and the lowest price, which prompted Medina Dates to provide payment service at sales outlets in the same partner showrooms and receipt in the customer's country, as it developed an easy solution to the problem of carrying dates from the city to their country After the Umrah or Hajj trip, where a person who buys Medina dates can receive his purchases at his home, whatever his country, where the Medina dates deliver the purchases to the door of the house, and the pilgrim or pilgrim bears the hardship of carrying dates, as well as customs procedures, crossing borders and complex airport policies

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