e-commerce platform for selling Medina dates to all the world

Medina Dates Store offers the finest types of dates as it is the most popular e-commerce platform for selling dates globally. The site’s organizers indicated: “With the growth of e-commerce operations in the world, we, the people of Medina, wanted to put a footprint on the products of the first capital of Islam, with what this blessed land contains of various Types of dates and their derivatives, and now we are working hard to market and deliver them to all Muslims in many countries of the world, with easy and simple steps, and they have also added “ Medina Dates Store”, which carries the message “Buy Medina dates while you are at home”, which aims to market And the delivery of the bounties and products of the farms and factories of the Prophet’s city to all countries of the world.

The site is one of the projects of the International Shopping Stores Foundation, and its organizers say that it is an integrated electronic platform that allows any factory or dates store in Medina to establish its own electronic store with its brand and design, to sell and market its products and export them to all countries of the world.

They also pointed out that it is considered a link between date dealers, individual customers and wholesale customers, through which the first party can purchase from the second party, while providing discounted shipping prices and preserving the rights of both parties.

The store is distinguished by the fact that all the dates it sells are 100% produced by the farms and factories of Medina, and purchases are made from the factory and directly from the dates exhibition.

Medina Dates Store allows the customer to purchase online and in eight international languages, and pay with Visa Card, Hawala, PayPal, or Western Union.

The store also allows shipping to about 220 countries around the world through Aramex, Mumtaz Post, and Saudi Post.

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