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white Friday Discounts 2021

white Friday Discounts 2021 on Madinah Dates .. Will available from 26 - November 2021 ..  ...

e-commerce platform for selling Medina dates to all the world

Medina Dates Store offers the finest types of dates as it is the most popular e-commerce platform for selling dates globally. The site’s organizers indicated: “With the growth of e-commerce operations in the world, we, the people of Medina, wanted to put a footprint on the products of the first capital of Islam, with what this blessed land contains of various Types of dates and their derivatives, and now we are working hard to market and deliver them to all Muslims in many countries of the world, with easy and simple steps, and they have also added “ Medina Dates Store”, which carr...

MedinaDates to global products and offer 220 countries

The success of the Medina Dates Store continues to sell the best types of dates produced by the farms of Medina. The Medina dates products have reached more than 2 billion people around the world in the past period, due to the success of the store’s ideas and plans first, secondly, the Medina Dates Store contracted with the best and most famous payment companies and Shipping around the world, which led to easy access to Medina dates products to 220 countries around the world, making Medina Dates one of the largest dates stores, and it also became a leader in wholesale trade. &nb...

ٌReport of Okaz newspaper about Medina Dates Store

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? سامي المغامسي (المدينة المنورة)The Business Youth Forum in Madinah concluded its activities last week and highlighted many wonderful projects for many young women and men. Because of the success achieved by the forum, many young men and women demanded to hold such forums to introduce and promote their products, pointing out to Okaz that the forum A good sign from officials to highlight the work and products of young businessmen and to highlight them to the attendees and visitors, calling for removing the obstacles they face. One of the most prominent participants in the forum ...

Dates and stomach diseases

The benefits of dates for human health are numerous, as they play an important role in maintaining the stomach because of the nutrients, as eating dates treats stomach problems such as stomach disorders, and the fibers found in dates are beneficial for the blood vessels.Vitamin B1 plays a role in solving the problems of the nervous digestive system, and both vitamin B1 and B2 contribute to the treatment of stomach and bladder diseases and the treatment of urinary tract disorders. Dates are rich in niacin, which works to save the intestines from weakness and infections.Among the mineral element...

The benefits of dates for women

Eating dates has great benefits for women because dates contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Among the benefits of eating dates for pregnant women is getting rid of the feeling of fatigue and problems of constipation and hemorrhoids that accompanies pregnancy. It also prevents the occurrence of preeclampsia, and dates help to facilitate childbirth for pregnant women and reduce the feeling With pain during childbirth and after childbirth, dates help to stop bleeding, dates also help to supply women after childbirth with iron and prevent anemia, and dates provide a woman’s body wi...

Getting skinny and having a diet with the help of dates

Dates are an integrated food as they contain many nutrients with great benefits, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, and dates contain easy and simple sugars in their composition that provide the body with energy. Dates contain many elements such as fiber, mineral salts, carbohydrates, iron and sulfur. And others, and the presence of phosphorous in dates helps to activate the physical and intellectual forces, so dates are considered the best integrated food that can be obtained.What distinguishes the elements in dates is that they are easy to digest and absorb in the stomach and inte...

Discounts over 40 % OFF , in our white Friday

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Within the framework of the “Our White Friday” campaign, which is organized by many Arab stores, we, the international shopping stores, have decided to participate in this campaign, which will start on November 27 and 28, coinciding with “Black Friday” in the United States, so the Medina Dates Store offers great discounts and discounts On Medina dates products up to 38% on this day on all its products, not only this, but the Medina Dates store also allowed free shipping within Saudi Arabia.   Turki Al-Azizi, CEO of the International Shopping Stores Company, supervising th...

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