Ordering Al Madina Dates Online, The Number One Dates Worldwide

Ordering Al Madina Dates Online, The Number One Dates Worldwide


Dates are considered some of the best foods to be consumed early in the morning, during fasting in Ramadan, after exercise, in cases off sickness or with healthy dietary systems.

As we at Al Madina Dates believe that you deserve the best, we provide the possibility of ordering Al Madina Dates online, from anywhere you’re at, to enjoy the number one dates experience in the Gulf region and the world.

You can order Al Madina Dates as follows:

How to Order Al Madina Dates Online in Detail: 

Al Madina Dates provides the option of online shopping for all the kinds of dates we sell through the website, and everything you have to do is:

1-     Set up an account to shop at Al Madina Dates as you can follow up on your purchase orders, review your previous orders as well as the dates and bills and many other things.

- To set up an account, access "Sign up" or if you already have an account, then just login.

2-     Access the shopping page dedicated to the website of Al Munawara Dates which has many sections such as most sold, most viewed and clients’’ reviews.

3-     After browsing the available products, you can just click on the photo of the product you liked to go to the purchase page.

4-     Select the quantity that you want then add it to your cart to complete your purchase.

5-     After finishing your purchases, you can just click “Buy now” to move to your shopping cart.

- The shopping cart allows you to browse through everything you previously bought and review it.

- There is an option for discount coupons. If you have one, you can just insert it to have a special discount on your order.

6-     You have to fill in your shipping information, the country and the city, and the postal code where you want the package to be delivered.

7-     After selecting all the previously mentioned, the total amount to be paid is displayed, and all you have to do now is click “order completed”.

Your shopping is now over!

Have a fun experience.


Special Offers When You Order Al Madina Dates Online: 

The online dates store offers a private “Special Offers” section that has discounts and offers on many products.

You can see all those offers through the "Special Offers" page.

As for the purchase process, it is exactly like the previously mentioned steps.

But beware as the amount set for the offer can be sold out quickly, so, it’s better to always keep an eye on the offers section to guarantee the best purchase.


Payment Methods When Buying Al Madina Dates Online: 

As we aim to reach everywhere and sell to all categories and nationalities, we at Al Madina Dates try to facilitate the process of ordering and paying, as we provide many payment options when buying from Al Madina Dates online such as paying through VISA card, Western Union, PayPal and many other options that you can browse as you complete your purchase.

Al Madina Dates, the best possible dates experience.

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