Safawi Dates Box - 5 kg - 990301

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Safawi Dates Box - 5 kg - 990301 - Munwra Dates Store - Shopping Madinah Dates From Anywhere

Safawi Dates another type of date Saudi Arabia is famous for its great health benefits and source for vitamins and minerals as it contains nutrients such as iron and calcium in addition to fibers sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous manganese, copper and magnesium. Safawi Dates also help relief from constipation in addition to curing intestinal disorders through its nutrition such as iron and calcium in addition to keeping the heart-healthy and strong. It can serve as a great alternative to sugar in your dishes or diets, especially for oldies. Pair Organic Safawi Dates with fruits, nuts, and cheeses to create appetizers and entrees that surprise and delight. Serve them pitted, or leave the pit in for an edible experience that is as tactile as it is delicious.

Size : 4.6 kg Dates ( 5 kg after packaging)

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