Ajwa Dates- the Fourth Class - 1 kg - 010114

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Ajwa Dates- the Fourth Class - 1 kg - 010114 - Munwra Dates Store - Shopping Madinah Dates From Anywhere

Description: Ajwa dates of maedina  is offered to you with a unique capacity of 1 kilo in a blue box and a transparent cover from above that shows the shape of this blessed kind of black dates and its beautiful color.

Type : Madina Dates
Loaction :  Madinah Area Frams
Product No :  010114
Piece Size :  small
Statues:  Fresh
Packeging :  Box
Weight :   1 kg

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FAQ about ajwa aliyah dates vs ajwa dates

There is no apparent characteristic that shows the Ajwa alaliya dates from ajwa Al-Madina. But it is the place where it was planted, which is the Al-Alia area south of the Prophet’s Mosque.. and your purchase from trusted stores is the only guarantee.
ajwa dates hadith Said  it's Protection from poison and magicAllah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "He who eats seven 'Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them." 
and  hadith about ajwa dates of  ajwa aliyah Said it   ‘A’isha reported God’s messenger as saying, "The 'ajwa dates of al-‘Aliya* contain healing, and they are an antidote first thing in the morning."

Al Madinah Ajwa dates is what was planted in Madinah in general, or what was mentioned Ajwa Al Madinah is a hadith that is between its two labia. As for ajwa aliyah , it is what was planted in the Al-Alia area, which is south of the Prophet’s Mosque.
Ajwa Al-Madina provides several types, including Ajwa Al-Madina (Ajwa Al-Alia), regular Ajwa Al-Madina and Ajwa Al-Madina stuffed with dates and nuts.

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