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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Moon Days of Ramadan approaching,

Ramadan won’t be perfect without the dates , it is great to have a breakfast that contains dates from the city of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.


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A few days separate us from the holy month, which we hope that God enters upon you with  health and wellness. Ramadan is a month of fasting and the month to get close to Allaah with the worship and good deeds, and it requires, of course, that the person should have a physical ability to do it to the fullest.

Here lies the importance of good nutrition in the holy month in which meals hours change. Therefore the person who fast should be very careful to eat the right kind of food that will allow him to be in good health to perform his duties as it should in the holy month.

We would like to talk a little bit about the importance of eating dates for breakfast, which is the main meal in the holy month. Based on what the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, where he said:

" اذا أفطر أحدكم فليفطر على تمرٍ فإنه بركة، فإن لم يجد تمراً فليفطر على الماء فانه طهور "  


And here it comes our part, here at MEDINA DATES STORE we aim to provide the most delicious dates for the lowest prices ever to help all muslims around the globe enjoy the taste of Al Madina dates. What makes us different is that:


We provide many types of dates to satisfy the needs of all our customers

Convenient prices along with sending coupons regulary to our newsletter subscribers

All day long customer support

We provide multiple payment methods

Multiples shipping options to all over the world


To know more about our products:

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On this occasion, we would like to announce a Ramadan competition in which we will give for free boxes of dates for the winners in addition to free credit in the store with which you can buy our products.

This contest will extend for two weeks, every Friday we will choose two winners: the first will receive a box of the finest dates, the second winner will receive a  free credit of SR 100 in his account at the store.


Conditions of Participation: all you need to do is enter your email in the box that pops-up in the website.

Afterwards, you will need to confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link that you'll find in the email that we will send you after putting your email in the pop-up box.


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And Ramadan Kareem

Greetings and appreciation

Dates Medina shop team


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