This agreement determines tariffs, services and guarantees between the buyer and Munwra Dates Store. Available Arabic and English language only.


Web site: an e-commerce platform known as "Munwra Dates Store”. The website address is

Buyer: a person who processes his or her order through client account in the website or as a visitor to buy products of dates factories and exhibitions provided in the website through the Internet.

Shipment Company: the company responsible for shipping products from one location to another.

Shipment Code: the number to be used to receive the product from the shipment company.

Seller: the manufacturer or a commercial shop marketing its products on the website and its name is shown on each web page of the product.

Working days: from Sunday to Thursday.

Website Services:

Munwra Dates Store provides the service of selling products based on dates via the Internet. When the buyer orders any product from the approved products on the website, medina dates e-store will forward the buyer’s order to the seller to prepare and ship the ordered product to the client’s country or to the address the client provides in his or her order.

Munwra Dates Store liabilities

  1. Munwra Dates Store is committed to protecting the rights of the buyer and selection of approved sellers with a high reliability.
  2. Munwra Dates Store is committed to oblige the seller to secure the products ordered by the buyer and which are available and specified in the store; this should be done within two working days starting from the date of the cost payment by the client using one of the payment methods available in the website.
  3. Munwra Dates Store website has the right to act in cases where the client does not respond to the Medina Dates e-store website or to the communications received from him; those cases urgently require the opinion of the buyer; any consequent delay in processing those cases will result in some damage to Medina Dates e-store; the client then assumes responsibility and should follow up his / her email and reply to Medina Dates e-store emails.
  4. Munwra Dates Store has the right to change the status of the order to “complete” after 60 days of shipment, this is in case we cannot track the shipped product, or the client does not receive his or her order from the shipping company or for any other similar reason.
  5. Munwra Dates Store is committed to hand over of the product and ship it to the client’s location via the shipment company he or she selects after he or she processes the shipping payment unless the client requests that he would receive it in one of the selling points.

       6. commit Munwra Dates Store to return the cancelled order amount before the order is shipped to the customer's account within 7 days via the platform from which it was paid: MasterCard, Visa, Mastercard, KNet , Sadad , Mada.

Things that Munwra Datese-store is not liable for and do not fall within its guarantee:

  1. Munwra Dates Store is not liable for any delay caused by the international shipping companies. The buyer has to track the order by using the shipment tracking number, which will be provided to the buyer in his or her email registered in the website.
  2. Munwra Dates Store is not liable for any error written in the shipment address; also it does not assume any responsibility in case the address is not complete or there is any shipping error from the shipping company.
  3. Munwra Dates Store is not liable for any error in the buyer’s estimation of the product he or she would buy; for example considering something and it is something else, as long as the item ordered is received as it is shown in the website.
  4. Munwra Dates Store clears its responsibility of the order upon its reception by the carrier; responsibility is then assumed by the company the buyer has chosen, it assumes responsibility of all that could happen to the order like damage or loss or simple break or change in the product quality. The buyer has the right to claim compensation when any of that occurs. The team at Medina Dates e-store is ready to provide all administrative and consulting assistance.
  5. Munwra Dates Store has the right to change this agreement without any prior notice, and the change is in effect on all orders excluding orders that have been confirmed and worth paying for. They are applicable to the agreement before its amendment.


Client’s Rights and Obligations:

  1. The client has the right to cancel the order before its status is turned to “shipped” without any reason; he or she has to notify the website about the order cancellation via the available ways on the website or writing an e-mail back answering the email received from the website.
  2. The client assumes responsibility of choosing the product and he or she has to make sure that the products written in the order are the ones he or she exactly needs.
  3. The client has the right to request the shipment tracking number issued by the selected shipment company; the client can also ask for the shipped product information within three months of its shipment.
  4. All communications about buying, payment and so on are carried out via Munwra Dates Store. No acceptance of any orders or communications carried out outside the website or outside the e-mail service of the website or Clients’ WhatsApp service via  00966509869000
  5. The client does not have the right to ask for any change on his or her order if its status is turned to “being processed” except with the approval of Medina Dates e-store. The latter will take necessary measures towards the issue.
  6. The client should put the dates in proper cool temperature and never expose them to humidity or let air into the box so as not to have any change in the quality of the product or its valid date.
  7. The client shall bear all costs, customs and fees etc... that may be imposed by his or her State. He does not have the right to ask Medina Dates to pay any of these costs or talk to officials to reduce the fees. Also, the client has to make sure that the goods he or she ordered are accepted in his or her country. The client assumes any responsibility for the product seizure or confiscation by the competent authorities. The client has to see with those authorities if the product needs to a special procedure to get it, or it has a legal responsibility.
  8. Use of this website means you agree and comply with all terms of this Agreement.


Replacement or Returns

We regret that we cannot replace or return the product at Munwra Dates Store. This is because the Saudi Customs prevents the return of any product shipped outside Saudi Arabia.

And do not worry dear valued client, we are very confident and believe in the quality of the products offered in Medina Dates e-store. We are also ready to deal with any observation if the client faces any change in the quality of the product; a complaint request will open with the seller and will respond and address the matter in a way that satisfies all parties; reporting within 3 days of the client’s receipt of an order and that is through the available channels on Munwra Dates Store. 


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