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Do I need to register and have a store membership in order to purchase Medina Dates products?

Medina Dates store gives you the possibility to browse and buy products in Arabic without the need of a membership, but having the store membership allows you to store your data to use them in next buying process. You will also be able to get e record for each request you have sent and keep the products you have added to your cart to return to it at any other time.

To have a new membership, click here

 How can I purchase from AlMadina Dates store?

First method: Shopping directly from the store

It is a very simple process; see detailed explanation following this link

Second Method: Communicating with us via WhatsApp, Telegram, or social network websites.

Purchasing process is done by customer service clients so number of the product and the quantity needed should be sent in order to have the purchasing process done. For example:

Number 010101 , 10 cartoons

Number 010601, six cartoons

Customer service will carry out your order after verification of the payment process.

What is the quality of store dates?

Dates are farms, factories, and exhibition products of Medina's dates, in addition to few products of other types of products.

What do you mean by Certified Vendors?

Certified Vendors are factories and dates' exhibitions in Medina; you are buying from them directly.

For a look at Certified Vendors' page, click

Are the displayed products from Medina Dates?

95% of the displayed products are from Medina Dates, and there are about 20 factories in Medina.

What is the method of naming products in AlMadina store?

Literal name based on language used (first part), the actual weight of the product (second part), product code (third part)

How do I know the seller of a particular product?

You can know the seller of a particular product by going to the properties of the product and then name, owner store logo, evaluation, and processes the product went through will appear to you.

Check this picture:

Price: 130 S.R.

Brand: Sultan AlTamouR

Product code: 010101

Availability: available

Weight: 1.00 Kg

Area (L*W*H): 00 cm*00cm*00cm

Name of store: Sultan AlTamour


Processes: 4   Orders (19 pieces)

Quantity: 1    Add To Cart

There are many different types of AlMadina Dates but I do not know how to describe and order a product via email or phone?

Every displayed product has a serial number; you can know the number through the product's name and it is made of six numbers.

Or you can go to product properties and check the product code 010101 "like shown in the picture above"

Are prices of products stable at AlMadina Dates?

Prices are not stable and the vendor determines the price. AlMadina Dates management has nothing to do with determining prices.

== Shipping ===

Are the products wrapped? Can they be shipped and do they have an expiration date?

Yes, all the products are wrapped perfectly, can be shipped, and have expiration date.

Can I buy from two vendors by ordering only one order?

Yes, you may do that. However, shipping price will be based on weight of products from the first vendor in addition to weight of products from the other vendor.

Can you accumulate products from more than one vendor and ship them together?

Unfortunately, we do not have that property. Products of each vendor will be shipped separately with a serial code.

We advise you to buy from one vendor to pay for one shipping process.

What are shipping methods and how do I know price of shipping?

 It is very easy, press the button "Add to Cart" then press "Examining Cart", then select the products and press "Available shipping Methods", enter country and city name to which you want to ship the products then press "send". Shipping methods available and shipping price of each company will appear to you.

What are shipping companies that will ship the products?

There are two options:

International Aramex: provides fast shipping to any country around the world with low prices (prices are low only for clients of AlMadina Dates Store)

Saudi Post: Good option for large quantities and you receive your order from the country mail you have chosen for the shipping address.

How long does the shipment take until it gets to my house?

Inside Saudi Arabia:

Aramex: 1-2 days to any city inside Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mail: unavailable for Saudi Arabia

Outside Saudi Arabia:

Aramex: 3-6 days to any city around the world

Saudi Post : 7-15 days to any city around the world, but it might be longer for some countries.

What are branches (offices) of Aramex and Saudi Post?

You can know offices of Aramex around the world by choosing your country, through this link: http://www.aramex.com/offices/default.aspx

For Saudi Mail offices in Saudi Arabia, follow this link: http://www.aramex.com/offices/default.aspx

Why isn't shipping via Saudi Post available inside Saudi Arabia?

Shipping via Saudi Post inside Saudi Arabia is not available because we have a special alternative, our logistic partner: Aramex, fast and low prices for AlMadina Dates' clients (15 kilos for 40 S.R.)

How can I know shipping prices? And which is cheaper: Aramex or Saudi Post?

It is very easy, just add your products to the cart and then examine the cart, press "expected shipping methods" and available shipping methods in your country will appear to you with accurate prices.

Are there any taxes for shipping?

No, there are not.

Is the final wrapping considered with the product weight?

No, the weight appearing on the product's page is the actual weight without wrapping.

An addition weight (10%) is added to the order.

What is the difference of payment address and shipping address?

There is no difference between them. If you want to ship your order to your address from which you have requested your order (payment address), then you do not have to type a special address for shipping. In case you wanted to ship your order to another address, like if you want to send a gift to someone, then we will ask you to type the shipping address and we will ship the order to the requested address.

=== Payment ==== 

What are the best payment methods?

1. Local transferring: It is done through bank transfer from any local bank (inside Saudi Arabia) to our account in Rajhi Bank.

2. PayPal: one of the best payment methods. Although it is electronic which makes it less used compared to others, it transfers money fast in addition to its safety. It guarantees both the seller and the buyer privacy and security.

3. External transferring: It is a financial transaction made between bank accounts at international level and the most popular because of its reliability. However, it requires 3-7 days until payment process is over and it might be delayed in some cases depending on economic policies for each country to reach a month or so.

 4. Credit cards (visa, master card, Amrican Express): 100% protected by high encryption protocol SSL.

5 . Western Union : 

What is payment address?

It is the address typed for payment method of this request and it has to be identical to shipping address in case of paying via credit card.

How much time is needed to complete working on the order after payment is complete?

We need a day or two of work days in order to finish working on the order and ship it to the customer. This period begins after reception of full amount of money in our bank account (taking into account weekends and Islamic holidays in Saudi Arabia)



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