Medina Dates

Medina is famous for its excellent types of dates, which their names were mentioned in the sayings of the prophet Mohammed. There is a large market for dates near the Holy Mosque in Medina so any Medina visitor passes by to buy some dates that are considered a blessed gift that makes Muslims happy when they receive it. Any person who has not visited medina or has visited and wanted this kind of luxurious date, then we are here to serve and help him.

Types of Medina dates:

Pressed Dates, Anbrah Dates, Borni ElAis Dates, Twined Dates, Qarawiya Dates, and Ali Plany Dtaes (Nabtit Ali)


What does date(tmour) consist of?

Dates are fruits that are very rich in carbohydrates, easy to digest, and produced from palm trees.

Some Benefits of Medina Dates:

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has singled out Medina dates and said that seven dates can prevent a person from getting poisoned.

There are about 270 types of Medina Dates, the best of which is pressed date which prophet Mohammed liked the most saying it is the mother of all fruits. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: " Truffles is the medication of Eye, pressed date is one of fruits of paradise…. This black berry can be a medicine for every disease except death."


Benefits of Dates:

Dates are considered a perfect meal for they contain main nutritions like sugar, acids, fats, proteins, and many others.

1.  Lower blood cholesterol and prevention of atherosclerosis because it contains pectin.

2. Prevention of large intestine cancer, prevention of hemorrhoids, reduction of forming gallstones, and facilitating stages of pregnancy and childbirth because it contains good fiber and sugars.

3. Prevention of tooth decay because it contains floor.

4. Prevention from poison because it contains sodium, potassium, and vitamin c.

5. Treatment of Anemia because it contains iron, copper, and vitamin B.

6. Treatment of rickets and osteomalacia because it contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A. 

7. Treatment for anorexia and poor concentration because it contains potassium.

8. Cure for heart problems because it contains magnesium and copper.

9.  Treatment for rheumatism and brain cancer because it contains boron.

10.  Anti-cancer because it contains selenium and it has been observed that the inhabitants of oases do not get cancer.

Stay well and we wish you a good health . 


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