Imagine I have an errand with you in your city and I took you to the famous shopping centers that are visited by thousands of people daily for shopping,

And I told you that you will have revenues from this shop, and each product to be sold will allow you a percentage of its revenues at the end of each month. I know you will be amazed!

But you will be much more amazed if I tell you that this is the concept of the Affiliate system in  Munwra Dates store (the world’s most famous store selling dates online)

You can let people know about us and market our products from your home and get a an average commission on every processed request through your referral, which will be added to your account automatically

You will be sent a message to your e-mail inbox immediately informing him that your commissions have been added

We are pleased you joined our program and you will get all required tools for marketing

What if we informed you that there are:

One billion and six hundred million Muslims out there wishing to buy Medina dates

Let’s look at the following piece of information … do you know that:

Ajwa Medina and Anbra Medina do not grow except in the Medina Monawara and it is its exclusive place in the world?

A true developed marketing program for unique products

Now let’s take you in an important journey in order to let you know about the plan of Affiliate in the Medina Dates store

What is Affiliate?

The Affiliate is an advertising process you carry out to market and advertise the products of the Medina Dates and get a commission upon completion of the product purchasing.

What characterizes us?

  • You will not lose too much efforts advertising our products but your task is only informing people
  • Our website supports 8 languages, you can market in any of them with 1.5 billion Muslims easily
  • Customers are linked to your account as a marketing agent in the database which means that you will get a commission for every processed request in the future from customers permanently
  • We ship to all corners of the world and we provide all ways of payment
  • The addition of the commission in the marketing account is automatic without any human intervention and you will get an immediate message
  • You can have immediate access to your marketing account from the customer’s account
  • You can market through newspapers, mobile phone and magazines using your own code

Who can join the plan of Affiliate?

  • Whoever sees himself or herself able to talk about our products
  • Current customers of the Medina Dates store
  • All electronic websites
  • Owners of blogs and personal websites
  • E-marketers
  • Shops of dates in all countries of the world
  • Any commercial institution having advertising boards
  • Nutrition companies and educational websites dealing with the same field

What are the ways you can use in marketing?

  • Direct marketing through providing the customer with the referral code like: Ahmad24
  • You can use visual banners and include your referral link
  • Using smart banners: you only copy the code from the model and put it in your site
  • Posting links in forums, websites and famous blogs in a proficient way
  • Posting your own link in social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler
  • Writing a review on the website or products and include links inside it
  • Conducting paid advertising campaigns on Google AdWords or Facebook
  • Making an informative video of the Medina Dates and including the marketing link of yours


We recommend reading this article to know the importance of the Affiliate and ways to gain from the internet (Click here to read)

Important web pages



Terms of use of the Affiliate Programe

  1. It is not allowed to use spam tools to invite users, this will result in direct or indirect harm to the Medina Dates store.
  2. It is not allowed to use pop-ups or the use of any other methods enforcing the visitor to open the site against his/her desire.
  3. Verification of all customers who have processed a purchase via your referral and a commission will be added automatically in your marketing account when the status of the request is “completed”.
  4. It is not a condition for the marketer to buy from the Median Dates store, registration is open for free.
  5. The website does not support the network marketing or pyramid marketing and does not advertise to any of its forms.
  6. The commission will be processed to the marketer only.
  7. The commission rate will be counted based on the form that the marketer is in at the time of the request execution by the customer.
  8. The commission is calculated from the total products and it does not include shipment prices and fees.
  9. The agent has the right to withdraw marketing gains when they reach the minimum amount of withdrawal which is 100 SR or its equivalent.
  10. Your use of the Affiliate plan means you agree on the terms of use of the Medina Dates store and privacy policy.
  11. The administration of the Medina Dates store has the right to suspend or delete permanently any account (if repeated) with all gains in case it is affirmed there are suspicious ways of fraud or violating the aforementioned terms. The marketer has no right to ask for any sums of money.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any conditions to join the Affiliate plan? And how can I register?

Registration is free, but it is subject to approval conditions in timely duration. You can register through the registration form as a client for the Medina Dates store. In the end of the registration form, check right if you wish to open an account as commission marketer

Click here to watch more details on how to open an account of commission marketer

How does the Affiliate plan in the Medina Dates store work?

After you open your account, you will have access to the control panel of your marketing account, and you will get your referral code that will be integrated automatically with the products links, then you will need to put it in all or some of your website pages and sharing it via one of the aforementioned marketing ways.

Once any visitor clicks on the link and is redirected to us and purchases via your referral link, you get a percentage * starting from 2.5% of the total price of the products, which was only paid by the customer.

- When a customer clicks on your link, it will be stored as your following client

- When the code is manually entered by the customer upon completion of the purchase request, the system will store it as your following client.

Bearing in mind that it is not a condition for the client, who is redirected, to buy at the same moment or day; upon the client’s access to our platform, a cookies file will be saved in his/her computer for 90 days and whenever s/he processes any purchase during that period the system will be immediately consider your commission.

The system will register his/her as your following client in the database and at each future request processing; it will calculate your commission for life. Please click here for more details and explanation of the control panel of your marketing account.

How can I get my revenues?

You can get your revenues when they reach 100 SR or more. We will transfer them at the end of each month via appropriate payment method.

How can I get my own marketing link?

There are different methods to get your own Affiliate code:

  1. Click on “create a referral link” and write the three first letters of the product name, then the link will appear; choose it and it will integrate your own code with the product link. Now you are ready for marketing, just copy and share it.
  2. After you sign in to your Affiliate account, you will see an icon in the bottom right of the page, click on it and you will easily get your own marketing code for the same page, just copy and share it.
  3. Create ready smart banners easily and get a code that can be copied in your advertising space. For more information, click here
  4. Use ready visual banners and include your marketing code, share it then in advertising spaces


What are the benefits from each plan? And how does the promotional system for the marketing plans work?


Gain percentage

Required credit for this plan



Not required



Higher than 55 SR



Higher than 99 SR



Higher than 177 SR


5% ( Now For All Affiliates )

Higher than 266 SR

Promotions system

  • The applied promotions system is the current balance in the end of each month and not all of your previous revenues
  • Promotions to a higher plan is carried out in the end of each month for members who reach a balance within the required current balance plans and which is clearly stated in the chart above
  • If there is no fulfillment of the required balance in the end of each month for the immediate plan, s/he will be downgraded to a lower plan


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We wish you and bumper profit.

Marketing department for Munwra Dates Store.


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