Terms marketing commission system:
1. prevents the use of Spam in invite users which may constitute an abuse directly or indirectly to shop Dates city.

2. Prohibiting the use of pop-up windows or use any other methods of forcing the visitor to open the site without the desire of it.

3. is verified all customers who purchase Oogroa of your way and will be included in the commission automatic in your marketing when you become a case of demand "incomplete."

4. is not required of the marketer to the purchase of the dates, the city shop, registration is available free of charge

5. does not support the website or marketing hierarchy and does not promote them in any way.

6. commission will get only a marketer.

  7. commission rate is calculated based on the package *, which will be marketed by the time of execution of the request from the client.

8. commission is calculated from the total sum of the products and does not enter including shipping rates and fees

9 - the customer is entitled to withdraw marketing profits upon his arrival to the minimum pull and is SR 100 or equivalent.

10. Your use of the system for the marketing commission, you agree to the terms of dates, the city shop and Privacy Policy.

11. The right to manage the city dates shop disable or delete any account permanently (if repeated) with profits in the event of proven fraud methods or violating previous conditions or in the way of marketing the site frequently. And is not entitled to claim any money.

12 - The right to manage the city dates shop. Change the marketing system in accordance with the commission's policies as it deems appropriate. Without reference to the subscriber.


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