Dates as a cure for anemia
Dates as a cure for anemia

Dates are like a treasure of vitamins because it contains a lot of mineral elements like phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sodium, sulfur, iron, also dates considered one of the most widespread fruits, and contain a lot of useful and nutrients for the body, also dates contain a percentage of fiber that reduce fat level in the blood, and contain antioxidants elements, dates contain folic acid which helps in the distribution of the iron in the body and prevent anemia.

Dates contain many vitamins and minerals that help in building body cells and in activate immune system to fight diseases in the body, dates rich in vitamin A, and B1, B2, and these vitamins help in growing the body, it was said that people who eat dates constantly, have strong hearing and visual acuteness, also phosphorus and calcium in dates help in working nerve fibers and nerve cells.

It was found that eating dates in the morning and at the night help in curing the lack of iron in the body and anemia, and this through soak dates by half a cup in one and half cup of water, then blending and filtered and drink this mixture, or use spoon and half of molasses dates with cup of milk and drink it before breakfast, and this can be a cure for who suffer from anemia.

Dates considered food and medicine at the same time, dates help to get rid of toxic in the body, dates also active the heart and blood vessels which make human in his best health, but this will not happen unless human continue in eating dates.

Posted by MohammadElbessioni
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